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The Alps Hockey League season is split in two phases. In the regular season the teams play a double round robin of 32 games for every club against each other. in addition to it, there are additional games in four local groups at four resp. five teams around Christmas time. It's not only about important points for the overall table, the two best-placed teams of both Italian groups qualify for the Italian Final Four, where it’s about the „Scudetto“.

17 teams, double round robin (32 games per team)
Additional games in local groups (8 games per team)

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The eight best teams of the overall table make it to the playoffs. In the quarterfinals the first three teams have the right to pick their opponent of the teams ranked from 5-8. Semifinals are played in a “best-of-five” mode, while the quarters and finals will be "best-of-seven". In semifinals the best-placed team of the regular season plays the lowest-ranked team. The champion of the Alps Hockey League will be crowned in up to 377 games.

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