16. Dezember | 21:37

Olimpija seal last-minute win over Dornbirn

HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana got their first season win over Dornbirner Eishockey Club. With 42 seconds to go, Ziga Pance decided the game with his second goal of the night. Plus: Rene Swette celebrated a shutout win with EC-KAC in the Carinthian derby.

Ziga Pance netted the deciding goal against Dornbirn with only 42 seconds left

Early in the game Ziga Grahut took a holding penalty. David Printz tried from the distance before the bulldogs took the lead. Before the goal Andrew Kozek found Robert MacMillan and Jerry Kuhn had to pick the puck out of his net. Dragons first chance came in 5th minute when Patrick Desrochers denied Ziga Pance. Minutes later Grahut had to visit the penalty box once more. This time the hosts held on as Jerry Kuhn only had to take care of two blueliners. One more power play went unused by the visitors later on. Late in the 16th minute there was a delayed penalty call signalized against Michael Henrich. After a few seconds Kevin DeVergilio got the puck and put it past a lying Patrick Desrochers. The dragons got a crack at power play moments later. Luciano Aquino got sent to the sin bin but the man advantage didn't produce for Olimpija. Kevin DeVergilio opened the 2nd 20 minutes with the goal scoring opportunity. In the end he waited too long and Patrick Desrochers took care of the puck. In 25th minute Mike Ratchuk made a hooking foul. The bulldogs needed only eight seconds to go ahead for the 2nd time. Robert MacMillan got the puck after the faceoff on the right side. He sent it before the net where Kozek put it over the line. As the game continued Fabian Glanzig got called for tripping. 34 seconds later David Printz joined him on the penalty bench for the delay of game. Dragons had a PP2 for 1:28 but only managed to shoot twice at Patrick Desrochers. As bulldogs came back to five, Ziga Pance took the puck on the right wing and beat Patrick Desrochers with a diagonal rocket.

In 33rd minute Olimpija got one more shot at playing with two men advantage. This time it was for whole 2 minutes as Matthew Keith and Jonathan D'Aversa made the fouls at the same time. Once more the history repeated itself as Patrick Desrochers saved all 4 pucks that were headed his way. Olimpija started the final period on the power play. There were 53 seconds left on the Alexander Feichtner interference penalty. In the final seconds Miha Verlic came close to making it 3:2 but Desrocheres covered the puck with his back at the last moment. In 45th minute he couldn't do anything after the Olimpija's 2nd line moved forward quickly. Ziga Pance fed to Miha Verlic between the slots for a perfect finish. 7 minutes later the game was all even once more. Kozek skated at Jerry Kuhn from the right. Under pressure he still managed to get a shot on target and the puck found its way behind the dragons keeper. As the play restarted Jan Mursak put the shot on target but Desrochers was there to make the save. With just over two minutes left on the clock Oliver Magnan–Grenier made a holding foul. With 42 seconds remaining the decision came. From behind the net Ziga Pance sent the puck forward. Before the net it hit Nicolas Petrik on the skate. From there the puck luckily bounced in the back of the net. Right away Dave MacQueen took his timeout and quickly pulled the goalie for an extra attacker. Still the dragons managed to hold on for a third home win in a row and a first win over the bulldogs.

Carinthian derby
EC-KAC had the better of the play in the third derby of the season against Villach. The record-holding champions came upon good chances but JP Lamoureux kept a clean sheet early, having once also luck when the hosts just struck metalwork. Before the midway point of the game, John Lammers broke the spell, giving the starting signal for the “Teddy Bear Toss”. Two minutes later Lammers doubled the lead and it was the preliminary decision because the Eagles were harmless on the attack. In the final period Marco Pewal missed the best chance to pull one back and on the other end new arrival Florian Iberer surprised Lamoureux to make it 3:0. EC-KAC celebrated the first season win over their local rivals with Rene Swette getting his eighth shutout in Erste Bank Eishockey Liga.

16.12.2012: HDD Telemach Olimpija Ljubljana – Dornbirner Eishockey Club 4:3 (1:1, 1:1, 2:1)
Referees: NIKOLIC/POTOCAN, 1.800 spectators
Goals Ljubljana: DeVergilio (17.), Z. Pance (29., 60./PP), Verlic (45.)
Goals Dornbirn: MacMillan (4./PP), Kozek (25./PP), Henrich (52.)

EC-KAC – EC VSV 3:0 (0:0, 2:0, 1:0)
Referees: KELLNER/VEIT, 5.200 spectators
Goals Klagenfurt: Lammers (28., 30.), Iberer (49.)