14. Dezember | 23:23

Fehervar win sixth successive home game against KAC

Once again SAPA Fehervar AV19 held the upper hand in a home game against KAC, winning 2:1. HC Orli Znojmo continued doing well in December, beating Innsbruck 2:1 on the road. Plus: Inter-Austrian battle

Znojmo got their first win in Innsbruck.

Tom Zanoski, who made his debut for EC-KAC as well as Florian Iberer, introduced himself during the first shift. The forward had two short-range attempts but the puck finally ended up in Adam Munro’s glove. In further consequence no real big scoring chances were created in the beginning of the game but the visitors dominated the game. Halfway through the opening period SAPA Fehervar AV19 stepped up on the offense, too, but they were not able to use two power plays. Late in the period they converted the third when Banham took the puck behind the KAC net, passed it to Marton Vas who was in front of the net and the centerman scored with a mid-high shot. The Hungarians took the momentum into the middle frame but Istvan Sofron and Vas failed because of Swette. Soon after, the Carinthians became dangerous but Jamie Lundmark and Joe Reichel didn’t find the back of the net. At the midway point of the game the hosts doubled the lead as Kyle Bailey scored on a rebound. Banham had the assist with a tricky shot from a sharp angle. Afterwards they missed some good chances to increase the lead and had to pay the bill: Sam Gagner waited for a while with the puck on the blue line until he finally took the shot and netted from his attempt on power play. Fehervar didn’t rest on their laurels at the beginning of the third, trying to score the third but Swette kept the upper hand against Banham and Sofron. Time lapsed away and with a look on the scoreboard, Klagenfurt piled the pressure. First, Munro made saves on Mike Siklenka and Gagner, and then the netminder stopped Manuel Geier after a great solo attempt. They dominated the end of the game but their domination didn’t bring the equalizer. The visitors even had the chance to attack six on four after Tyler Metcalfe was penalized for two minutes and Swette was pulled off, but once again SAPA Fehervar AV19 defended well to keep the two points at home.

Znojmo with tight victory in Innsbruck
HC Orli Znojmo’s winning-streak in December continues: The Eagles won today in Innsbruck 2:1. The first chance of the game came in the second minute: Filip Landsmann was already beaten, but Francis Lemieux did not get the puck into the net twice. On the other side the Eagles used their first real scoring chance to take the lead: Forward Jiri Beroun skated into the offensive zone and scored with a shot into the upper corner (6.). These were already the highlights of the first twenty minutes. Also in the second period the game was extremely thrilling. Richard Jarusek took a shot quickly after the break, the puck got deflected and touched the crossbar. On the other side Benedikt Schennach tied the game with a rebound (23.). Andreas Hanschitz came close to give HCI the lead, but he only hit the post. While the hosts missed some chances, Znojmo took advantage of a carelessness of Innsbruck: after a long pass Jan Seda made it 2:1 with his backhand. In the last period Znojmo defended the victory well, even shorthanded the Czechs had no major problems to bring the two points home.

Villach vs. Linz
In Villach, the fans saw an even-balanced match with just a few highlight in the first. The hosts were not able to use a 5-on-3 power play and that’s why the opening period ended goalless. The middle frame started with more energy from both sides and Marco Pewal made it 1:0 after a one-two. At the midway point the reigning champions hit back when Danny Irmen tied the game on a rebound. Only three minutes later Mario Altmann restored Villach’s lead and it was again the defenseman who made the preliminary decision in the third. In the closing minutes everything went quickly: first, Mike Ouellette pulled one back but Pewal rounded off the scoring with an empty net goal.

14.12.2012: SAPA Fehervar AV19 – EC-KAC 2:1 (1:0, 1:1, 0:0)
Referees: BERNEKER/VINNERBORG, 3.016 spectators
Goals Szekesfehervar: Vas (20./PP), Bailey (31.)
Goal Klagenfurt: Gagner (38./PP)

HC TWK Innsbruck “Die Haie” – HC Orli Znojmo 1:2 (0:1, 1:1, 0:0)
Referees: POTOCAN/ROHATSCH, 1.000 spectators
Goal Innsbruck: B. Schennach (23.)
Goals Znojmo: Beroun (6.), Seda (39.)

EC VSV – EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz 4:2 (0:0, 2:1, 2:1)
Referees: ERD/KINCSES, 3.200 spectators
Goals Villach: Pewal (21./60./EN), Altmann (34./42.)
Goals Linz: Irmen (31./SH), Quellette (60.)